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Work Samples

Photo editing is useful in many applications. In advertising, print ads and catalogs can feature images created from original photographs altered to change colors, remove backgrounds or bend reality completely. Change the lighting and brighten the image's color saturation or create a stylized or surreal image that will be memorable and interesting. Remove an old product from a line-up photo and replace it with a newer design. Bring together two models in one photo who could not be at photoshoots on the same day.

Faded, scratched and torn photos can be digitally repaired and ready to print and display. Blemishes can be removed and eye, hair and clothing color can be adjusted or changed. No matter how many group photos you take in a row, it seem like you can never get everyone smiling and looking ahead with their eyes open, but if you combine each person's best "take" into one composite photograph, you have the perfect photo for the newsletter or greeting card.

Photos can be altered in amazing ways. Whatever you imagine for an album cover, poster, post card or print ad, if you can imagine it, you can have it.